LTEC Gas & Plasma Cutter

The LTEC Gas & Plasma Cutting Machine has Bunry 5.0 computer controlled heads, an 8FT X 20FT table, accommodates 96" X 240" steel plate up to 4" thickness, 96" X 240" stainless steel plate up to 3/4" thickness, 96" X 240" aluminum plate up to 2" thickness, has 3 torch cutter heads, 1 plasma cutter head @ 200amps, and a .dxf file compatible computer. The cutter has a wide variety of pre-programmed standard shapes that are scalable.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter following solid, liquid, and gas. Plasma is an ionized (electrified) form of gas. In plasma cutting, a gas such as nitrogen is sent under pressure through the torch where it begins to swirl and is forced out a smaller orifice at which point it passes through an electric arc and the gas is ionized. The electricity "excites" the electrons of the gas atoms. It results in a very quick, clean cut and imparts little heat into the base metal. Plasma is one step down from laser cutting.

File Requirements: All computer files for the LTEC Gas & Plasma Cutter must be in either a .dxf or .cad file format. Our machine shop can convert some JPEG and Adboe Photoshop files to .dxf for an additional charge. Files may be submitted via email to machineshop@bobdeansupply.com or on a CD, floppy disk, or USB memory stick.

WaterJet Cutting Table

Waterjet Cutting is best described as an accelerated erosion process that is carefully controlled. For this reason, the waterjet can cut or erode through virtually any material known, making it one of the most versatile machines available. The natural erosion process involves no chemicals or heat. Because of this, the warping and distortion typically associated with laser, plasma, and oxy-fuel cutting is eliminated, minimizing the need for secondary processing and finishing.

Some of the advantages of waterjet cutting are tolerances tighter than +/-0.005" are achievable, especially in thinner materials such as 1/8" stainless steel. Materials ranging from 10" stainless steel to 0.010" acrylics can be cut by waterjet, making it a very versatile tool. Stacking of very thin materials to inrease productivity is possible. Kerf ranges from 0.020" to 0.050". Taper and edge finish are directly related to cut speed. The greater the speed, the more taper and the courser the edge finish. As the waterjet slows down, taper can be eliminated and the finish or about 120 achieved.

Specifiations for Z-613 WARDJet Waterjet: Computer controlled heads with Burny Phantom ST CNC Controller that allows direct networking using Windows XP technology and software to convert .dxf files; Cutting envelope of 73" X 145" X - Y travel capacity; Up to 4" plate thickness for steel and stainless steel; Tolerances of +/-0.005"; Linear positional accuracy with +/-0.002" repeatability. A wide variety of standard shapes are pre-programmed with complete scalability.